10 Most Mysterious Places In The World


Life is full of mysteries. But sometimes, those mysteries seem to conglomerate into very specific places around the world. Have you ever wondered why Utah has so many UFO sightings? Or why things seem to disappear without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle? While we don't have the answers to these questions, this video will show you ten places that are full of unexplainable phenomena. If you're a non-believer of paranormal activity and aliens, these stories might just convince you otherwise. Is it just a coincidence that 500 citizens in Piedmont reported seeing UFOs back in 1973? We think not. Plus, how in the world does someone steal organs from a horse without leaving any blood behind? It's scary to think that we might be sharing this world with creatures and spirits that we don't understand, but it's also kind of exciting. And if any of those creatures are reading this right now: we come in peace!