10 Most Miserable Working Conditions In The World


Around the world, people risk their lives every day just by going to work. These people are usually working in factories and are earning mere cents for their time. They have to fight starvation, exhaustion, dehydration, and poverty. Additionally, many industrial working conditions around the world are full of dangers. These factories don’t usually have proper ventilation, air conditioning, modern machinery, or safety training. Additionally, some nations, like Bangladesh, lack proper safety and building codes to protect their workers. When some laborers search for work abroad, they end up working under horrific “slave-like” conditions. Luckily, many international organizations are working to improve the working conditions of the electronics and clothing industries. The struggle to survive is ever present. Whether it’s trying to find clean drinking water in Flint, Michigan, or fleeing assassins for speaking up, we’ve compiled the 10 Most Miserable Working Conditions In The World. How does your workplace compare?