10 Most Extreme Female Bodybuilders


Bodybuilding is a sport where an average person can push the limits of exercise and genetics to become something extraordinary, something larger than life. The motto “bigger is better,” chimes in each competitor’s head with every clinking of weighted iron. These gladiators of the gym spend years sculpting the symmetry and size of their muscles for only brief moments of glory in competition. Veins and muscles thrust from their skin as they flex and pose on stage in outfits that would make normal people hide in the bathroom.

With what was just described to you, what are you picturing right now? You’re probably thinking of a hulk of a man with a fake tan in the tightest of Speedos, right? Most of the population thinks having large muscles are only reserved for males. However, these extremely sizeable females could not disagree more.

Since the late 70’s female bodybuilders have graced the stage of competition. As the sport and training methods have evolved, so have they. Today these women have gone to extreme measures to push the boundaries of the human genetic ceiling, just like the males.

Bodybuilding women have pushed the limits of not only themselves, but femininity as well. Along with transforming their bodies, they have also transformed what most consider acceptable standards of female beauty. When they come out to flex their finely detailed musculature on stage, they present themselves in a very feminine manner by wearing makeup and styling their hair. Not only that, but most competitors are actually mothers, and some are even in their 40’s. The phrase, “You go girl,” definitely comes to mind when knowing that.

For these women, seeing the results of working out opened a new door of possibility. What was once a goal of just getting in shape quickly festered into an obsession to build muscles upon muscles. In this video we will look at women who sacrificed their time, nutrition and feminine standards to take their bodies to extreme levels.