10 Mistakes In The Loud House Even The Animators Missed


Do you like "The Loud House"? We certainly do, it is one of our favorite TV shows in the world, ever. The kid's cartoon stories of Lincoln Loud and his family always cheer us up, make us laugh, and put us in a really good mood. And we aren’t the only ones because the hit Nickelodeon show has been a massive hit worldwide. But even though it's really good, there are still some little mistakes that come in, so today we're going to show you 10 Mistakes in "The Loud House" Even the Animators Missed.

Sometimes it's the details that make all the difference to what a cartoon is like. It's the way in which the characters are drawn and put together that makes a real difference. However, sometimes there’s a problem with what body parts are like. Today, we’re going to tell you about an episode from “The Loud House”’s second season, and some problems with Lynn Jr and Leni Loud.

Even in cartoons, continuity is important. In "The Loud House" episode "Raw Deal," Lisa Loud says she doesn’t believe in superstitions, but that contradicts something she says in the episode “No Such Luck.” And she’s not the only character to have contradictions, either.

We'll also show you a slip up between the artists and the colorists, how Lincoln reads his comics, and more. Be sure to stay to the end when you'll be left asking whether anyone likes Dairyland Park. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe!