10 Messed Up World Records You Won't Try Yourself


Oftentimes, world records can be very weird. The Guinness book holds all types of records: from the most basic to the extremely bizarre. While world records might just seem like a way for people to attempt to get their fifteen minutes of fame, some have earnest motivations behind them. There are a few world records that use the attention that they garner to raise funds for a charitable cause, like the Gorilla Denver Run. Regardless of the intentions behind them, all of these world record feats are equally impressive and mind-boggling. After all, there's not a lot of people like Kevin Shelley in the world - who holds the world record for breaking the most toilet seats with his head. Who would even think of trying to accomplish something like that? By the end of this video, we're positive that you'll be inspired to try to break your own world record.