10 Members Of The Royal Family You Never Heard Of


There are very famous members of the British Royal family, but there are hundreds more that most of us have never even heard of. However, these lesser known royals have interesting lives. Not to mention all those attractive royals that are hitting up Instagram with their steamy selfies. Here are 10 British royals that you’ll want to follow.

Arthur Chatto and Samuel Chatto are among the royals gaining big followings. And then there are the young royals like Lord Frederick Windsor, Lady Gabriella Windsor and Lady Rose Gilman, who all have exciting lives. As for beautiful royals, Lady Amelia Windsor is making it as a model. Her siblings Lady Marina Windsor and Edward Windsor have a fascinating place in the family, as they’ve forfeited their places in line to the throne.

Watch our video to discover the stories behind 10 members of the Royal Family you never heard of, and tell us in comments whom you’re most interested in.