10 Makeup Trends That Went From Cringe To Cool


Looking back at old photos of yourself can make you feel nostalgic, and it can make you cringe as you wonder “what was I thinking when I did that?” We all know that trends tend to be cyclical, and some of your most well-loved beauty techniques will be making a comeback in 2018. Clumpy mascara used to be a sign of poor quality makeup, but today, many formulas make it easy to achieve this by design. Frosted lipstick was huge in the 90s, but technology has improved since then to make the look much more wearable, not to mention much more flattering. And when it comes to lips, don’t be afraid to go bright, bold, or even black! Bright shadows used to be the thing, but many people don’t think that blue, purple, and pink can be flattering, or look mature. But even actresses like Lupita Nyong’o have proven that just isn’t true any more.