10 Major Prom Dress Fails


Prom seems like an important day for most high school students. There is never going to be another night spent when you’re young in fancy dresses with your best friends and a lot of music. All you need is a cute prom date to make the whole night worthwhile.

For most girls, finding a prom dress tends to be a monumental day in their high school careers. You want to be find the perfect prom dress that is the right color, style and shape. But, it’s harder for some to look for something to wear that will be loved by all.

There are unfortunately some prom dresses that will make you cringe because they look so awful. We’re all for creativity until these girls take it too far and create dresses that make us wonder what they were thinking. These dresses shown in this video are the most random prom dress fails we’ve ever seen.

Let’s hope these girls won’t regret for these horrible prom dresses when their future children tease them. But, at the moment, somehow these high school students thought it was a good idea to wear these outfit choices from duct tape to gum wrappers. Share your favorite prom dress fail in the comments below.