10 Loud House Episodes That Weren't Aired In Other Countries


“The Loud House” is a popular Nickelodeon show, but it seems to be that not everyone has a chance to watch it. Even though the cartoon show is funny and it features some of the most advanced characters like Harold and Howard, many countries don’t agree with the show’s character choices. Today, we’ll explore why countries like Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, and even the entire African continent, decided to ban “The Loud House”!

Let’s start with “L is for Love” which is one of the most controversial “Loud House” episodes. The episode talks about the kids’ school crushes, but many countries paid attention to a specific kid, even though her crush only gets revealed at the very last scene. “L is for Love” was banned in Russia and Malaysia, and because of the episode, the show got banned in Turkey.

“11 Louds a Leapin” is one of our favorite episodes from the show, but countries like Russia don’t seem to agree with its message. Although it’s clear that Russia doesn’t support characters like Harold and Howard, they might have also banned the show because the country doesn’t celebrate Christmas until January!

Nickelodeon can be found in many countries, but apart from Turkey, there’s a whole continent that banned “The Loud House” after finding out it features Harold and Howard. Even though they’re some of the sweetest characters ever, Africa does not support the show.

What are some of your favorite “Loud House” episodes? Find out why episodes like “11 Louds a Leapin,” “L is for Love,” and even the entire show got banned in places like Africa, Russia, Malaysia, and Turkey.