10 Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutley Need In Your Life


If you’re a fan of cooking, this video will make you happy. Sometimes we just need an upgrade to our old school kitchen gadgets and replace them with something cooler. Like, for example, a tool that cuts your pineapple in just a matter of seconds, or a heated toaster knife. You didn’t know it before, but these are the kitchen gadgets you absolutely need in your life.

Warning: you’ll want pizza after watching this part of the video. Pizza wheels usually don’t help with creating even pieces. Not to mention your toppings usually get dragged off and leave you with the dough and some tomato sauce. These unique pizza scissors might stop this problem. And yup, you heard that right. They’re scissors, but for pizza. They come with an attached pizza spatula at the bottom, so all you need to do is slide it under your pizza, slice it, repeat the process on the other side, and lift a perfect pizza slice.

Using eggs in the kitchen isn’t always as simple. Not everyone masters the act of egg separating. It takes time and skill, and if you’re cooking with kids, you’re guaranteed a huge mess. This is where egg separators come in and whoever thought of this kitchen gadget is a complete genius. The concept is simple - easily separate your egg yolks from whites without having to juggle them between two shells. We love the Boogeyman Egg Separator!