10 Incredible Women You Won’t Believe Exist!


It goes without saying that there are many, many women in the world. Some women are very different from others; everyone has their own little quirk that makes them who they are. Sometimes these quirks are life changing and are considered to be hardships. Not every woman is lucky enough to be born in top physical health. Other women strive to be the center of attention therefor they change their bodies so that they stand out in a crowd. The ten women in this video are unlike any other. Their physical deformities have landed some of them in the Guinness Book of World Records, or have given others their own reality television series on TLC. What makes them different has become their claim to fame, and most embrace their oddities and celebrate the fact that they are different. If it’s out of your control, or if you controlled it in the first place, why not look upon it with a positive outlook and get some sort of fame from it? If you’re planning on loosing close to three hundred pounds, might as well do so on television for all to see. People love to see weird things, like a train wreck they can’t help but stare, and the media capitalizes on this obsession with the odd and unusual. It’s hard to imagine being in the shoes of any of these ten women, their lives seem extremely difficult and chalk full of challenges, but it’s uplifting to see how they’ve each handled the obstacles that they’ve had to deal with. Some have dealt with their deformity since birth, while others have chosen to live their lives this way. You may have heard of some of these women, others may be new to you, but we promise that all ten of these stories will surprise and astonish you. If nothing else, the lives of these women will make you feel thankful that the challenges you face on a daily basis are not as serious as having abnormally large limbs or a Siamese twin. These stories make us realize how much we take for granted, and how thankful we should be to be happy and healthy. The women featured in this video are all different, and yet their stories are similar; they’re odd but they accept it, especially the women that have created these curiosities for themselves, like growing out their hair or turning themselves into walking talking Barbie dolls. Regardless, these women are amazing. All but one are still alive, and news outlets continue to follow their journeys. Here are ten women you won’t believe exist. Once you hear their stories, you won’t ever be able to forget about them, whether you want to or not.