10 inapropriate celebrity relationships


For a lot of people, family is one of the most important things in their lives. The people in your family have watched you grow up and they know you better than almost anyone else. But what happens when these relationships get a little too close for comfort? Here are 10 Most Inappropriate Celebrity Family Relationships.

Kris Jenner has always been super overbearing when it comes to her daughter Kim. She is the ultimate momager. But lately, reports have been coming out that she may have told her daughter to record an intimate video so that she could sell it to adult entertainment websites. Way too far, Kris!

Morgan Freeman and his granddaughter have also been rumored to be way too close. When he tried to divorce his wife Myrna, reports started coming out that he had been having a very long affair with his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines. Blood-related or not, it is all just a little too close.

Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa had one of the most amazing romances. The only problem was that they were first cousins. Their moms were sisters and their dads were cousins, so they were related on both sides! Talk about a way to ruin a love story.

Whether it’s Alicia Silverstone mouth-feeding her kid,

Courtney Stodden and her father kissing, or

Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg making a song about incest together, there are so many celebrity relationships that just make you wonder what is really going on. Stay tuned to 10 Most Inappropriate Celebrity Family Relationships to see which celebrity was almost an aunt and a step-mom to the same child!