10 Impossible Procedures That Defied The Odds


The world needs doctors. Whether it’s a homeopathic healer or robotic neurosurgeon, modern medicine has taken on many new forms. No matter what your preferred medical practices are, the professionals are here to help. And why do we need professionals? Because they can expect the unexpected. They have the tools and knowledge to make split-second decisions that are the difference between life and death. Did you know that freezing a detached limb only gives doctors a few hours until it becomes useless? But that attaching it to the body allows the natural blood flow to keep it alive? If it wasn’t for this knowledge, a Chinese man may have permanently lost his right hand. Modern medicine is here to make the impossible possible. Without it, we wouldn’t have vaccines, organ transplants, neurosurgery, or experimental medicine. Who knows? Maybe we would have all been wiped out by a brain-eating parasite by now!