10 Hot Wives Of Older Billionaires


They say that behind every successful man is a woman. And for these successful men, who’ve made their fortunes in many different industries, the women behind them are usually just as hardworking. From having careers as actresses or lawyers, to starting their own charities, these women have used their fortunes to do more than simply restock their wardrobes every week. But many of them seem to only find their place in the spotlight next to their billionaire spouses, even though they’re also out in the world achieving great things. In this video, we’re focusing on the lives and stories of the wives of billionaires. From the happy marriages to the near divorces, not all of these women are living the dream. And sure, they do spend some time on their $70 million yachts, or dressing head to toe in the best designer pieces, but most of these women didn’t grow up living that way.