10 Hot Guys Who Were Born Female


Do you ever feel like you should have been born someone else? If you were that person, you would probably be more self assured, walk confidently and talk confidently. More importantly, you would be happy with who you are. For some, they’ve felt that way all along and have decided to do something about it.

Transgender people were identified as one sex when they were born, but their internal sense of being, their gender identity, is the opposite. The formal medical term physicians and psychologists use is gender dysphoria. For example, in this video, you will see ten individuals who were born as female, but identify themselves as male. Developments in the medical field have allowed them to look and feel more masculine; however, the different tiers of treatments and procedures they can opt for doesn’t make them more masculine than another transgender male. According to GLAAD literature, being transgender is not dependent upon medical procedures.

For a number of the transgender population, they decide to undergo hormone therapy. Increased levels of testosterone help them to develop masculine features like facial hair growth and a deeper voice. Some decide to undergo a mastectomy or “top surgery,” that reduces their breast size. Others complete their transition by having “bottom surgery” or sex reassignment surgery.

Deciding to go through the surgeries or even admit to being transgender is not always a smooth path. There have been stories of families turning their backs and even disowning their own children for revealing who they really are. Buck Angel, a well-known member of the transgender community, shared that his parents were going to admit him into a mental institution. Today, this formerly misunderstood community, seems to be more accepted. Even though I am sure they do receive flak from miseducated parties.

Most, if not all, of the men listed in this video have turned their hard times into successful tools and have used their experiences to empower and educate others about being transgender. As apostles and advocates, they take the stage as a public speaker or musician. A digital stage has also been set for this community. YouTube has allowed them to reach a wider audience. Viewers can get a firsthand experience through the transitional journey of people like Aydian Dowling and Ty Turner, who also offer advice on things like dating, fitness and being ok with who you are. They put themselves out there in public view because they know that actually seeing someone is going through the same thing you are as an individual can always be a comforting feeling.

You can see it for yourself! Here are ten hot, and notably successful, men who were actually born women.