10 Hidden Secrets In Board Games


Board games are a fun way to entertain a group of people. There’s always that one competitive person that knows how to win every game, whether it’s Catan, Scrabble, Risk, Forbidden Island, Monopoly, Chess, or even Battleship. Today, we’ll show you 10 hidden secrets in board games that will make you win every time!

Let’s start with the Settlers of Catan, which is a popular board game that involves plenty of strategic thinking in order to win. Most beginners forget that you can get two extra points by building the longest road, and place your houses on ports which allow you to trade your resources for much less than the typical trading rules.

Scrabble is another popular family board game that often ends up in tantrums. The key to winning Scrabble is to always practice expanding your vocabulary. You can also add ‘ish’ at the end of your word, and turn your words into verbs, adverbs, and adjectives whenever possible. To win Scrabble, you should also pay close attention to hooks and add a single letter to make a new word.

Monopoly is a fun game, but not everyone is able to take the intensity of it. In order to win Monopoly, you should avoid building hotels and focus on maxing out your houses first, which will also make sure your opponents can’t build houses themselves. Try to buy the railway tracks as quickly as possible, and don’t bother with utilities.

Check out our video to find out the hidden secrets of how to win in board games like Catan, Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Risk, Forbidden Island, Codenames, Battleship, Taboo, and Ticket to Ride.