10 Genius Animals That Escaped From The Zoo


Zoos are fascinating places. Nowhere else on Earth can you observe animals from all over the world in one location. Unfortunately, in accomplishing this, zoos rely on imprisoned animals. Yes, “imprisoned” is a harsh word, but it’s 100% correct. However, this doesn’t mean that zoos are completely unethical. Many zoos house rescued animals, which are usually either captive animals that were discarded or wild animals that were injured. And even if zoos house wild-caught animals, they implement breeding programs that ensure the survival of endangered species. Also, it should go without saying, the education that zoos provide the public is priceless. With all this being said, freedom is in every animal’s nature, and despite the comfort and privilege bestowed on zoo animals, they won’t pass up an opportunity for escape. Some even create opportunities themselves, like the crafty animals that you’ll see in this video.