10 Famous People Who Secretly Battled Depression


It’s hard not to feel envious of celebrities’ lives. For many of us, they seem to serve as a yardstick against which we will never measure up. They remind us of the wealth we can’t accrue, the fame we can’t attain, and the lifestyles we can’t live. So when one has the nerve, with all the privilege we described, to claim they are depressed, it makes empathy all the more difficult. There is no situational cure for depression, though it’s easy to feel that’s true when you live a hard life without depression, and see a celebrity complain about the life you wish you had. This judgmental stigma is so severe that it forces people to conceal their mental health issues, thereby exacerbating the problem and costing taxpayers with their eventual breakdown. Celebrities are genetically human, and, if you haven’t discovered already, success does not change genetic makeup. The world would be much better with this understanding.