10 Famous People Who Lost A Lot Of Weight Really Fast


Celebrities losing weight isn’t a new thing. Most of them will hire a personal trainer and upload Instagram shots of them working out a few times a week, but it’s the stories of real weight loss that we’re interested in. When you consider just how long it can take to drop weight in a healthy way, you can understand why some of these stars might try more dangerous methods. From restricting their diets down to tiny amounts of calories to taking part in strange cleanses that forbid solid foods entirely, some of these methods are not ones you should try at home. Maybe they did it specifically for a role they were playing in a film, or maybe they were just fed up of their bodies, but these stars have completely changed the way that they look. Luckily, most of these celebs have an entire team of people on hand to make sure that they’re not hurting themselves in the process.