10 Famous People Caught Lying Straight To Your Face


Lying is never a good idea. Not only because it is morally wrong, but someone with keen instincts might look into your story to see if it’s actually true. Thanks to the Internet, we can check out stories pretty quickly. There is also just basic judgment and that “gut feeling” that can tell you whether someone is being truthful or not. There’s a lot of risk in lying, even when you’re just an average person. So, when you’re a celebrity that is telling a lie, well, that’s just not good. You will have literally MILLIONS of people checking out your story to see if it’s legit. This can create some muddy waters for these stars. If a regular person is caught in a lie, then that means they might lose friends and their trust. But if a celebrity lies, their reputation is at stake and it could very well cost them their career. Plus, we know the media loves it when a celebrity lies because it creates good headlines!