10 EASY Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Clothes


Thanks to pinterest and YouTube videos, there is are a ton of great ideas and tutorials to help you figure out how to repurpose your old clothes! From dog toys made from shirts, to making an 8-second skirt from a long sleeve shirt, these DYI projects are sure to come in handy the next time you are cleaning out your closet. These are 10 DYI ways you can repurpose your old clothes.

Have you ever looked at an old sweater and wondered how you can make it interesting to wear again? Luckily, there are a couple of cute and easy ways to pump some life and sexiness into your old winter sweater. First, show some shoulder with a cute ribbon bow. All you need is a sweater, ribbon, scissors, and needle and thread. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert sewer, it’s very simple. Using the inseam as a guide, cut a slit in the sweater from the neck down to the mid upper arm area. Next, sew 1/4th inches of the raw edges inside so you can hide the fray. Make sure to cut any stray unsewn frays off for a nice clean look. Next, take a yard of your ribbon, and cut it into equal halves, then take one end of each ribbon and sew to either side of the top of the sweater. Next, tie the two ends of the ribbon into a bow that will rest on your shoulder. If the ends of the ribbon are too long, cut the ends at an angle to your desired length, and put clear nail polish to make sure the ribbon doesn’t fray. There you have it, a sexy shoulder cut out sweater! You can either leave 1 shoulder out, or do it on both sides!

Another cute way to make an old sweater new is to turn it into an open back sweater! For this DYI project you will need a sweater, large safety pins, scissors, and needle and thread. Again, you don’t have to be an expert at sewing; you can do this! Place the sweater on a flat surface with the backside up. Then, cut a two-inch piece of knit out, down the center of the sweater from top to bottom. Next, sew the raw edges of the sweater to the inside to hide the frays. Next, decide how many and how far apart you want to place your big safety pins. Once you have the safety pins right where you want them, fasten the opposite side of the sweater together, and voila you have a sexy new open back sweater!

If you are pressed for time, and want to have something new and cute really quickly, try the DIY 8-second skirt. For this you will need a long sleeve shirt or sweater, and that’s it! Put the shirt on like you would a skirt, where the top of the shirt hugs your waste. Next, the sleeves should be hanging at your side, take both sleeves and tie them into a bow on the side of your hip. There you go, you have a brand new wrap skirt that only took 8 seconds to make!

Probably the cutest and fun for everyone way to reuse you old clothes, is to make them into a chew toy for your furry friend! For this you will need 2 old shirts, or more if you want the toy to be really colorful, and a pair of scissors. Cutting from the bottom up, cut 2-3 inch slits into your shirts, and then cut the slits off the shirts. You will now have scraps of shirt that you will want to stretch out to make them longer. Next, gather all your shirt strips together and fasten them at one end. Now, braid the strips together until the toy is at your desired length, and then fasten the remaining ends together. Now you have a fun new chew, or tug of war toy for your fur baby!