10 Dream Jobs You WISH You Had


If you can do absolutely anything in the world, what would it be? You might love the job you have right now. But you might not help yourself on doing a little daydreaming on the jobs you wish you had. We all have wishes and aspirations to do something great one day!

Whether it’s in sports, entertainment or science, there’s always that one dream job that's always on our mind. There are hundreds and hundreds of jobs that make our imaginations go wild. Imagine being the president of the United States or a chef at a five-star restaurant. These are all dream jobs people typically think of.

But there are a few other dreams jobs that seem extremely odd and out of the ordinary. Can you imagine warming up a hotel bed or eating chocolate all day long? Well, as strange as these tasks might sound, would you do them for good money?

You probably never heard of these dream jobs before. From testing out water park slides to watching Netflix all day, thinking of these jobs we’ll leave you daydreaming all day long.

Which of these dream jobs would you love to have? Share your answers in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to The Talko!