10 Disney Stars Who Sabotaged Their Good Image


When you’re part of the Disney franchise, there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect; and since Disney is made up of and geared towards kids, it’s them who experience it most. Some Disney stars started in The Mickey Mouse Club, others shot to fame with their very own TV shows, and a lot of them couldn’t handle everything that comes along with celebrity status at such a young age. It makes sense. If you think about the number of celebs who have gone off the rail when they were adults, why would kids be any different?

Zac Efron got his start in High School Musical and although he’s still a pretty successful actor, he’s also done stints in rehab for cocaine addiction. Mischa Barton is known for her role as Marissa Cooper in The O.C. and her sharp downfall in her early twenties made headlines everywhere. But in fact she got her start starring as the lead in the Disney movie Ring of Endless Light. And Britney Spears, with all her crazy shenanigans was not only a teenage singing sensation but also starred in The Mickey Mouse Club when she was only eleven years old.

Fame and money got the best of these Disney stars and it ended up wreaking havoc on their previously proper images. Whether they got sucked in to drugs and alcohol or tried to act and look years older than they were, these kid celebs completely sabotaged their good images way too soon.