10 Daredevils Who Don't Know What Fear Is


We all love a good adrenaline rush. Nothing beats the feeling of blood pumping through your body as you successfully do something that scares you. There are some people out there who get such a thrill from adrenaline that they actively seek out adventure after adventure. The world refers to these adrenaline junkies as daredevils. What sets a daredevil apart from the average Joe is that they don't seem to know what fear is. In this video, we're going to show you some daredevils who've accomplished some extremely dangerous stunts. If you're afraid of heights, then just hearing us talk about their feats might make you feel dizzy. The best thing about daredevils is that you can watch them pull off all of the crazy things that you're way too scared to ever try. And we bet that you'll be shocked when we tell you which A-list Hollywood celebrity likes to do all of his action hero stunts himself.