10 Creepy Things Said By Bots


Technology has made incredible strides in the last 20 years. Today, we are relying more on tech than ever - and it continues to advance. Something as basic as a cellphone makes it so we are holding the entire world in the palm of our hands. Technology is also able to keep track of everything we’re doing so that we can get relevant ads on our social media accounts. It can be a bit creepy, but that’s nothing compared to what artificial intelligence is trying to pull off these days! Siri was the first AI that we got to actively communicate with on our iPhones. Today, Amazon has brought us Alexa, where we can ask her questions about the day, weather, buy products, set reminders and more. But how long before these AI’s start to develop their own conscience? There is already evidence of this occurring when these bots are saying some rather creepy things!