10 Crazy Moments That Happened In Courtrooms


Courts are part of our legal system, used to maintain order in society and resolve disputes between people. The courtroom is supposed to be an orderly place where a judge presides over a case – hearing out the evidence of the plaintiff and defendant before coming back with some sort of verdict or resolution. In some cases, a group of peers, known as the jury, decide the fate of the case at hand. Regardless, the whole process is supposed to be done in a certain civilized and orderly manner. That doesn’t always happen. Every now and then, defendants, witnesses and spectators will lose their cool, open their mouth too much or try and get physical. That’s just a bad idea! In fact, even judges and lawyers can get in on the act, leaving everyone else with their jaws on the floor. Whatever the reason, we’ve collected 10 crazy courtroom moments that left judges fuming, witnesses in disbelief and the rest of us shaking our heads or doing a double-take. See which one you think deserves to be rated as #1 and let us know in the comments.