10 Craziest World Records Of All Time


First published back in the 1950s, the standard by which all others measure their achievements is the Guinness Book of Records. Ironically, the book itself is a record setter, as best-selling copyrighted book of all time. While it usually only contains around 4000 records, the Guinness organization tracks and maintains over 40,000 records. Of course, there are all the usual records you’d think would be there such as tallest person, fastest human, most tattooed person. But what about the really wild and crazy records? Well, they do that too. From records involving being set on fire to covered in bees to dancing to Michael Jackson, it’s pretty crazy the sorts of things people will do to make it into the record books. Come to think of it, it’s crazy that some of these things are records at all. In any event, check out the wide variety of over-the-top record breakers and see if you would be brave enough to try any of them.