10 Craziest Confessions Omarosa Has Made On Big Brother


When it comes to playing the perfect reality show villain, it’s hard to top Omarosa. We got to know her during her time on The Apprentice, and that’s also when she met her now former friend, Donald Trump. While nobody is surprised by her backstabbing and scheming on Big Brother, some of us were shocked by her other confessions. She reveals why she defected from the side of Hillary Clinton and switched over to supporting Trump in the election. Although she had negative things to say about Trump, she believes that the real threat is Mike Pence, who she admits to being fearful of. To hear Omarosa tell it, former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, is a bit of a bumbling oaf behind closed doors. The one person Omarosa had something kind to say about? That would be first lady, Melania Trump!