10 Celebs With Mental Health Disorders


Many, if not most of us, experience periods of depression or mental illness in general. Some of these cases turn into chronic diseases but we are always unsure if there is anyone out there who understands how we feel. That could follow the loss of a loved one, a hardship in your professional life, a breakup, or very often even an unjustifiable case of the blues. One the other hand, we always see celebrities, in general, as glamorous, flourishing figures whose lives we envy for their astounding opulence and blissful carelessness. Mental illnesses are more prevalent in show business and among famous people in general than in most spheres, though. In recent years, more and more celebrities are coming out about their depression and other mental illnesses, an announcement that is usually a bit tough for the person suffering, but which is capable of making a huge difference for thousands, and maybe millions of people, when coming from a figure that is largely admired. We will see some famous names who have in the past battled with mental illness, and some of whom are still enduring that battle. The degree of openness about this issue is definitely a positive trend, and as more celebrities do it, the stigma fades out more and more. Some of the people we will mention in this video will be completely unexpected to most of you, because of how capable they are at hiding their true struggles.