10 Celebs Who Need To Get It Together


No one likes to go through tough times, especially when our business is all out in the public to see. Sometimes, the best way to feel better about yourself is to simply watch others continue to mess up their lives. The term, “schadenfreude”, means that you feel a sense of joy or self-satisfaction from watching the misfortune of others. In our society, watching celebrities derail their lives from bad decisions is the norm. The paparazzi and the media will always be happy to dish out the celebrity gossip. Yet, you can only watch a celebrity go downhill for so long before you go, “Come on, get it together!” From getting put in the slammer, getting tons of plastic surgery, or posting offensive things online, the celebrities you’re about to meet are going down a slippery slope. Of course, we know what will happen to people who don’t get their lives together.