10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay


As a celebrity, you should know how much your life becomes under the public eye. Suddenly, everyone from fans to haters want to know every detail about you. It’s why some celebrities try to stay out of the lime light and attempt to live their lives as privately as they can. But, sometimes, certain information cannot help to get out.

Hollywood has always been somewhat accepting when celebrities have publicly admitted that they are gay. But, even in our society, it can still be scary to certain celebrities to be public with certain identities especially when it deals with sexuality. Many celebrities like Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres have made it important to use their sexuality in order to be a role models to others to come out gay.

However, you may be surprised there are some celebrities that rather be discreet on their identities – at least to the world of Hollywood. It might be scary to let your fans or others know you are gay when people can be so judging. And sometimes, it’s best to keep your professional life and personal life completely separate. You will be surprised to see some of your favorite stars following that path. Just see these celebrities you might know that they are actually gay.