10 Celebrities Who Tried (and FAILED) To Launch a New Career


It seems as though some celebrities just want to do it all. Seldom do they stick to the job they become famous for in the first place, which seems to be the way to go. Whether they get bored or think more highly of their talents than they should, they’re continually trying to launch multiple career paths, most of the time with little success. We’ve all seen it before – actors who try to become singers, singers who try to become movie stars, and reality TV celebs who try their hand at everything from a career as a talk show host to a stint as a fashion designer.

Of course it’s tempting to try new things, and after working one career for so long, sometimes you need to change things up. When you look at someone like Jennifer Lopez who’s had success as a singer, dancer and actress it’s hard not to think “why not me?’. But sometimes, well, most of the time, you just can’t do it all. Remember when Miley Cyrus released a tween fashion line at Walmart in 2009? And then there was Kobe Bryant who, for some reason that we’ll never wrap our heads around, thought that he could be a successful rapper, releasing a single by the name of K.O.B.E. in 1998.

One thing’s for sure: These celebs definitely should have stuck to their day jobs. From Kim Kardashian’s regretful single ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’ to Beyonce’s failed clothing line, House of Deréon, here are 10 celebs who tried and failed to launch a new career.