10 Board Games That Weren't For Kids


We all love to play board games with our family. But unfortunately, many of them can turn out to be inappropriate for children and parents too. That’s because they can be pretty offensive to women, people of color, or the LGBT community. These designers pushed the limits so far that we can now see that not everything is all fun and games. This is why we are showing you 10 Board Games That Weren’t for Kids.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more about how a game about discrimination turned out to be pretty offensive to people of color, how a new game of Monopoly was an insult to the LGBT community, how an educational game influenced young girls in the 60s, how some designers rewrote the story of the Titanic, and more. What do you think was the worst game on this list? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think!