10 Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating On Live TV


Way back in the old days, if you wanted to follow sports you either had to read about it in the paper or actually go to the event. With radio, fans could listen in – but you had to rely on others to tell you what was going on. Then television came along. Now we could watch sports anywhere, any time with a bird’s eye view. One interesting side effect of this was that we could now see when athletes tried to cheat to gain an advantage. And oh boy did they cheat! No matter what the sport, the camera has captured men and women cutting corners and breaking the rules – all in an effort to win. Careers have been ended and scandals created because the camera caught one of our fallen heroes cheating. From the boxing ring to the soccer pitch to the Formula 1 track, we’ve collected some of the most notorious cheating moments that left us angry, confused and asking questions which possibly remain unanswered to this day.