10 Animals That Can Easily Outsmart Kids


We are still learning about the animal kingdom and how it all works. It’s hard to compare the cognitive abilities of animals to those of humans. Animals use different parts of their brain, and they also sometimes use different senses to navigate through the world. You could say that comparing animals to humans is like comparing apples to oranges. With this in mind, did you know that there are several animals who are actually smarter than your stereotypical child? But since animals can't communicate the same way that we do, we have to rely on studies conducted by scientists and researchers to prove this. Comparing animals and children might be shocking to some people, especially parents. Most parents want to think of their children as the smartest beings on the planet. So the idea that a monkey is smarter than their child is almost an offensive thought. In this video, we'll introduce you to ten animals that can easily outsmart kids.