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10 Hottest Athletes That Will Make You Stare

While athletes spend way more time training than they do working on their appearances, there are some athletes out there who seem to have hit the jackpot in the looks department. The athletic body typ...


10 Messed Up Toys No Kid Would Want As A Present

Let’s face it, some toys just shouldn’t exist. But they’re out there, creeping kids out with their bad designs and unintentional inappropriateness. The one good thing about these messed up toys is, we...


10 Famous Product Mascots Then Vs Now

Whether a cleaning product, restaurant, sport, or food item, mascots have always been a way for companies to stand out among their competitors. For decades, consumers have chosen certain brands based ...


10 Rich Athletes Who Lost All Their Money

In this day and age, professional athletes have become notorious for their excessive spending habits. Whether they're spending money on extravagant cars and jewelry or costly lawsuits and legal fees, ...


10 Rules Kim Jong Un Makes His Wife Follow

There is a ton we don’t know about the notoriously insular North Korea. In fact, when its leader, Kim Jong-un got married, nobody even knew about it! But we’re going to introduce you to his wife, Ri S...


The Dark Truth Of The Cast Of Greys Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that has been on forever, and has a huge and loyal fanbase. But there are some dark and disturbing secrets and scandals going on behind the scenes, and we’ll let y...

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