20 Video Game Rumors (That Turned Out To Be Real)

Fans always find a way to come up with fan theories or myths about their favorite franchises. It doesn’t matter whether they are video games, movies, or television shows, there will no doubt be rumors about supposed secret meanings or hidden details within them. However, games seem to have a particular affinity for urban legends. This is possibly a result of the fact that developers do often hide Easter eggs and hidden alternative endings in their work.

Although many video game rumors turn out to be nothing more than fiction, there are some that have actually been confirmed. In a few cases, the revelation that the rumor is true has taken decades to come to light. It just goes to show, though, you shouldn’t always disregard every outlandish myth your hear about games.

20 Mew Is In Pokémon Red & Blue

Mew Is In Pokémon Red & Blue
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Pokémon Red & Blue were a huge hit when they released in the late 90s. Kids became obsessed with the series and it quickly began to dominate much of their time. It is no wonder then that so many rumors began to circulate about the games. The most prevalent was that the mythical Pokémon known as Mew could be found in the game. While popular theories, such as it being hidden under a truck, turned out to be false, it is possible to catch the creature through several glitches without requiring cheating software.

19 GTA: Vice City Has A Secret Scarface Reference

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For many years, there were rumors that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had a secret reference to Scarface hidden somewhere within it. Although it is very difficult to find, the rumor is actually true. Hidden away in Apartment 3C, a location that goes unused in the final game, are several references to the movie. This includes a bloody bathroom and chainsaw as well as a briefcase containing illicit substances.

18 Dr. Robotnik Was Originally Going To Be A Good Guy

Dr Robotnik
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After Sonic the Hedgehog released, there were some rumors that Dr. Robotnik was originally meant to be a hero. This is true in a roundabout sort of way. The character was designed by Naoto Ohshima in an attempt to come up with a mascot for Sega that could compete with Nintendo’s Mario. When Sonic was chosen instead, he re-used the design to become the series antagonist.

17 Shadow People Of Hell Valley In Super Mario Galaxy 2

Shadow People Of Hell Valley In Super Mario Galaxy 2
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This rumor concerns there being some kind of shadow creature hiding in the Shiverburn Galaxy level of Super Mario Galaxy 2. If the player looks to the mountains surrounding the area, they can see shadowy figures generally believed to be trees. However, a closer look shows that they do indeed look like monsters or creatures rather than trees and they do genuinely exist within the game’s code.

16 Atari Buried E.T. Copies

Atari Buried ET Copies game
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The video game crash of the 1980s is often blamed on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, an Atari game that proved to be a massive flop. With thousands of unsold copies taking up space, it was rumored that Atari had buried them in a landfill site in New Mexico. This myth persisted without any proof for two decades until researchers excavated a collection of game cartridges in 2014.

15 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Has A Secret Room And Message

The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Has A Secret Room And Message
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For years after the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, there were stories about a supposed hidden room. It was said that it contained a secret message and could only be found through a convoluted method. The room does actually exist. Known as the Chris Houlihan Room, it was added after Chris Houlihan won a Nintendo Power contest to be featured in an upcoming NES game.

14 Super Mario Bros. 3 Is A Stage Play

Super Mario Bros 3 Is A Stage Play
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A popular fan theory about Super Mario Bros. 3 posited the entire game was a stage play put on by Mario and his friends. Evidence for this included the fact that you seemingly run off stage at the end of levels and that objects are hanging or nailed to the background as if they were props. Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed the theory as true when asked about it during a Q&A.

13 Pac-Man Glitches At Level 256

Pac-Man Glitches At Level 256
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Although it wasn’t a level most players would ever be able to reach due to the skill required to get there, rumors persisted that you could not proceed past level 256 in Pac-Man. An error in the code meant that this rumor was true. Once reaching that level, half of the screen would glitch and the game would become unplayable. Players would die and be unable to go any further.

12 Secret Bosses Exist In Mortal Kombat

Secret Bosses Exist In Mortal Kombat
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Mortal Kombat is one gaming franchise that's spawned the most rumors and myths. There were numerous rumors about potential hidden characters. However, one of them was actually true. By completing a series of difficult challenges, such as beating a character on a certain level without being hit or using the block mechanic, they could be transported to fight a boss named Reptile. Although essentially just a palette swap of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, he was faster and more powerful.

11 You Can Jump Over The Flagpole In Super Mario Bros

You Can Jump Over The Flagpole In Super Mario Bros
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As one of the most successful series in gaming, Super Mario Bros. was a popular source of rumors. One of these claimed that it was somehow possible to jump over the flagpole at the end of levels. While it is impossible to jump over most flagpoles, there is one that you can clear. World 3-3 has just the right conditions to allow players to jump over, although it will cause the game to glitch and the level will not end. Instead, the player will die when the timer runs out.

10 There Are Other James Bonds In GoldenEye 007

There Are Other James Bonds In GoldenEye 007
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One of the most persistent rumors about the classic Nintendo 64 title GoldenEye 007 is that the player was originally meant to be able to play as different James Bond characters. This included Sean Connery and Roger Moore. While they are not playable in the final game, character models and references to them do exist within the code, suggesting they were originally meant to be used.

9 Michael Jackson Composed Music For Sonic 3

Michael Jackson Composed Music For Sonic 3
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Sonic the Hedgehog was one of gaming’s biggest franchises and the first few sequels attracted a huge amount of attention. One prominent rumor was that the third game featured music that was composed by Michael Jackson. However, according to the myth, the musician had removed his name from the credits after becoming disappointed with the sound limitations of the hardware at the time. Later information confirmed he did work on the soundtrack, but was seemingly pulled after his allegations surfaced.

8 Microsoft Office 95 Has A Hidden Game

Microsoft Office 95 Has A Hidden Game
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There have been numerous secrets and Easter eggs hidden away in various editions of Microsoft Office. This led to a persistent rumor that Microsoft Office 95 actually had a playable game within it. The myth is true and The Hall of Tortured Souls game can be accessed through Excel. It is a scary first-person shooter game with similar mechanics and graphics to Doom.

7 Rebecca Chambers Appears In Resident Evil 2

Rebecca Chambers Appears In Resident Evil 2
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A popular theory about Resident Evil 2 was that it was possible to find a secret reference to the character Rebecca Chambers. She was a fan favorite from the original game and many were eager to find anything related to her in the sequel. It is possible to find a hidden reference to the character by going to the S.T.A.R.S. office and searching a desk 50 times. This will eventually lead to the player finding a photo of Rebecca.

6 Yoshi Will Meet You On The Roof In Super Mario 64

Yoshi Will Meet You On The Roof In Super Mario 64
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There were so many stars and other collectibles in Super Mario 64, that rumors were constantly spreading around about secrets that could be unlocked by finding them all. One popular theory was that it was possible to find Yoshi. By collecting all 120 stars from the main campaign, you can genuinely find the green dinosaur if you climb the castle. He will be waiting for you on the roof.

5 Mr. Friendly Was Going To Be A Sordid Monster In Half-Life 2

Mr Friendly Was Going To Be A Sordid Monster In Half-Life 2
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There was a rumor about Half-Life 2 that told of a sordid enemy that was originally going to be included in the game but was cut. This figure can actually be found within the game’s code and would have scavenged dead bodies from around the different environments. As well as normal attacks, there was also going to be a sexual element to the monster, as it would try to copulate with the player’s character.

4 Secret Cow Level In Diablo II

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The first Diablo game featured a level that was home to a number of cows. Although they were harmless, they led to a rumor that it was possible to get to a secret cow level where you could fight against hordes of the enemies. Similar rumors persisted about the sequel, but it seems like the developer Blizzard had heard about the earlier myth and included a secret cow level hidden away in Diablo II.

3 Halo‘s Pistol Was Intentionally Overpowered

Halo‘s Pistol Was Intentionally Overpowered
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Despite a protracted development, Halo released on the Xbox to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. One of the standout parts of the game was the powerful pistol, which meant everyone in multiplayer always had access to a gun capable of taking out even those with rocket launchers. A rumor that the pistol had been deliberately overpowered right before the launch of the game turned out to be true. Jason Jones tweaked the code at the last possible moment to make the pistol far more deadly than it was meant to be.

2 Metal Gear Solid V Has A Secret Ending

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The lack of a proper ending at the conclusion of Metal Gear Solid V led to a spate of rumors that a secret ending could be unlocked. This ending does exist but was so well hidden that no one could trigger it. Konami had to explain how to access the ending, detailing the way that no nuclear weapons must exist on the game’s server. This would then launch the cutscene with an alternative ending.

1 Braid Is Actually A Metaphor For The Creation Of The Atomic Bomb

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Indie darling Braid may seem like just another standard video game story about having to rescue princesses. However, there were some rumors that this story was more of a metaphor for the creation of the atomic bomb. After all, the final level shows that you aren’t rescuing the princess but rather she is trying to run away and escape from you.

This is revealed to be true if you collect seven hidden stars and see a secret ending, revealing that it is about the creation of nuclear weapons. The time-reversal mechanic is based on the scientists wishing they could turn back time and undo their own work.

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