Victoria’s Secret Will Soon Sell Swimsuits Again

Victoria's Secret is getting back in the swimsuit business again, making their customers jump for joy over this fantastic news.

It has been almost three years since the retailers crushed the hearts of their biggest fans by announcing that the brand would no longer have a swimwear line. Victoria's Secret revealed at the time that the move was so the company could focus on its booming underwear and athletic fashion brands.

Thanks to a change in leadership at L Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret, the decision is being reversed, and next year a new swimsuit collection will be released. Stuart Burgdoerfer, the CFO of L Brands, stated to PopSugar, the new swimsuit line would be an extensive collection. The company is going all in when it comes to the newly relaunched department.

Burgdoerfer said the company is keeping a lot of details regarding the new collection under wraps until the big reveal in early 2019. He did share that the collection will be available for customers in stores and online for shopping convenience. A specific launch date has not yet been shared, but Victoria's Secret is hoping to have the line available for purchase by the spring. It is perfect timing for summer, as well as those spring break getaways.

The swimsuit news comes right on the heels of Victoria's Secret having a leadership change. CEO Jan Singer resigned after the company came under fire for its lack of inclusivity in its marketing, especially during its annual fashion show. Tory Birch vice president John Mehas is going to be taking over for Singer. Part of his new job is to reevaluate Victoria's Secret as a whole to help with declining sales.

Even though the goal of the company is to continue improving Pink and Victoria's Secret Lingerie, the new swimsuit collection is bound to do wonders for the company. Customers were not thrilled when swimsuits, along with the catalog, were discontinued years ago but now a wrong has been rectified.

Significant changes are coming to Victoria's Secret and so far, it is all good news. Are you thrilled that the company is finally bringing back its swimsuit line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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