Victoria Beckham Will Be Launching A YouTube Channel For Beauty And Fashion Advice

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham revealed on Saturday that she is going to be adding "beauty vlogger" to her resume. The fashion icon took to social media to share news of her brand new YouTube channel devoted to fashion advice, beauty tips and how-to videos.

Beckham posted a video on Instagram in which she sat with YouTube's fashion and beauty director, Derek Blasberg, to celebrate 10 years of Beckham's fashion brand. In the short clip, Beckham and Blasberg discussed a special announcement that Beckham had to share. She stated in the video and wrote in her caption that she would be launching a new YouTube channel full of "lots of stuff from her."

"I can put my foot on the gas and do everything that I've wanted to do for a long, long time," Beckham told Blasberg in the video.

The full 10-year celebration is available to watch on Beckham's current YouTube channel. During the celebration, she said that she is excited to get to know her customers more and interact with them in a new way through her channel.

Beckham urged fans to subscribe to her channel in anticipation of her first beauty vlog. The channel now has over 20,000 subscribers. But, it might be because Beckham mentioned in the video that everyone might see Blasberg naked on her channel. It's what everybody wants–what they really, really, want.

There are no new tutorial videos up on the channel just yet, but she has shared a few beauty min-series before, so we already know Beckham is qualified for this. Her VB Beauty Series included several makeup tutorials, such as a festive sparkly look, a few red carpet looks, a pink look, eye tutorials, and her own formula for perfect skin.

These videos were part of her collaboration with beauty brand Estee Lauder. Beckham designed a collection with the brand in fall/winter 2017, complete with bronzers, highlighters, blushes, eye palettes, eyeliner pencils, matte and glossy lipsticks, and more.

There is no word yet on when she is going to release her first beauty/fashion video, but you can keep yourself busy until then by visiting the Victoria Beckham channel and binge-watching all of her previous collaborations.

Are you going to follow Beckham's beauty channel? Let us know in the comments!

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