Victoria Beckham Reveals Her $2000 Daily Beauty Regimen

Victoria Beckham reveals her extravagant daily beauty regimen that costs the star nearly $2000!

Imagine using $2000 worth of products everyday to maintain a fresh face? Well, Victoria Beckham does. The former Spice Girl spares no expense when it comes to keeping it fresh.

Victoria details her extensive skin, hair, and makeup routine, and lists the luxury products she uses on the daily. Her go-to moisturizer is Crème de la Mer, which comes at a hefty $330, along with a foundation by the same brand that costs the fashion designer nearly $130.

The former “Wannabe” singer doesn’t stop there. When it comes to her hair, she splashes out on pricey products. Her shampoo from Oribe costs $70 a bottle, and the matching conditioner, which she of course uses, starts at nearly $80 per bottle. Victoria also admitted that she uses a special Latisse serum that helps grow her eyelashes and eyebrows that costs her almost $100.

Although the star grabs for luxury products most of the time, she also buys products that the rest of us would have in our daily regimen. The former singer spends only $15 on her Weleda body lotion that she buys from a high street health chain called Holland and Barrett.

In addition, when it comes to her teeth, Victoria reaches for a $2.00 bottle of Wilkos toothpaste to get those pearly white teeth. When we tallied up everything Victoria uses, it reaches a whopping $2000. According to TheSun, Victoria’s beauty regimen includes a massive $750 on skincare, $570 on makeup, $150 on hair products every day, plus other miscellaneous products here and there (prices converted from British Pounds to USD).

Here we are scraping the bottoms of our $5.00 creams just to save us a trip to the drugstore! When she was asked about her luxurious products, the star said, “The older I get, the more my skin settles down. I used to have quite bad skin when I was younger… Luckily, I don’t have to worry too much about that anymore.” Well, when you’re spending that much, we would sure hope so!

I guess when you own a fashion empire and are married to a football legend, you can splurge a little more on looking good!

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