Victoria Beckham Just Showed Off The Perfect Shoes For Your Next Holiday Party

Victoria Beckham is a woman who has held many titles throughout her life, with some still attached to her today. This includes Spice Girl, fashion designer, and long-time style icon for many women around the world. That last title is one that Beckham's held for many years, and with good reason. Her style is classic and simple without ever being boring. That last point is important because there are instances when Beckham likes to take a fashion risk. She recently reiterated this during her most recent outing.

As revealed by Vogue this past Thursday, Beckham was spotted leaving a Dover Street store in London, England wearing a bold yet cohesive look. She wore a bright red dress with a mid-calf hem, complete with small yet racy slits going halfway up the arms and near her chest. She then polished the look with lilac pumps that made the look unique yet gorgeous. The best part? Both the dress and pumps are from the clothing line that shares Beckham's name.

via Vogue

While the dress is definitely nothing short of bold, the fact that Beckham paired it with light purple heels is far more interesting. The heels in question- known as the Eva Pump in the Victoria Beckham fashion brand- and made with suede on the outside, and goat leather inside the sole. The latter comes in a deep mint green, making it an odd yet intriguing contrast for the shoes themselves. In addition, the heel itself is over four inches high. According to their website, these high heels are made in Italy, ensuring that they're extremely high quality. Given the fact that they come from such a famous fashion icon like Beckham, no one should expect anything less.

For a woman who's been well documented wearing a more subdued style at all times, it's more than a little unusual for Beckham to take a fashion risk of any kind. But this is one that paid off due to its simplicity and stylish appearance. Is it any wonder why the former Spice Girl has managed to maintain her fashion icon status for as long as she has?

The Victoria Beckham Eva Pump is sold for a whopping $715 USD- definitely not a cheap price! They can be bought online, or in either their London or Hong Kong store.


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