20 Very Flattering Photos Of DIY Game Of Thrones Cosplays

Game of Thrones was one of the most captivating shows in television history and, for eight seasons, it was able to keep fans entertained as they watched the events of the series unfold. We were introduced to amazing characters, imaginative stories, and a whole lot of corruption. By the time the dust had settled from the series finale, most people agreed that the first few seasons of the show are among the best in history. There are prequel projects in the works, and fans are hopeful that they will be able to hold up to the lofty legacy set by the original series.

With a wealth of amazing characters, it would make sense that Game of Thrones would be a huge inspiration for cosplayers, and we have the photos to prove it. Allow us to show the world 20 amazing cosplays featuring Game of Thrones characters!

20 Ellaria Sand

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Ellaria Sand was an intriguing character that took part in several storylines on the series, from Dorne to King's Landing, and she wound up being a popular choice for cosplayers over time. Her outfit allows people to flaunt their stuff without revealing too much, and this cosplayer here was able to nail the look perfectly.

19 Missandei

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As the best friend and confidant of Daenerys Targaryen, Missandei was a fixture on the show and a popular character with fans. Though her character met an untimely end on the series, people will continue to appreciate what she meant to Dany. This cosplay is nothing short of perfection, and the hair is especially spot on.

18 Sansa Stark

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In order to pull off a Sansa Stark cosplay, a person will need a certain level of sass and a whole lot of red hair, and this cosplayer has both in spades. Sansa wound up taking over Winterfell by the end of the series, and this cosplayer should be able to take over any convention that she attends.

17 Yara Greyjoy

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Yara is the rough and tumble pirate that hails from the Iron Islands, and her strength was apparent all throughout the series (despite how infrequently she appeared). This Yara cosplay was able to capture her raw strength and appeal, and the staging of the photo was the icing on the cake. This cosplay hit all the right notes.

16 Doreah

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Compared to some of the other women on the series, Doreah might not be as beloved or as fondly remembered, but the Dothraki outfit that she wore is perfect for the cosplay floor. This cosplayer was able to capture the essence of the character without having to betray her best friend like Doreah did in season 2.

15 Brienne Of Tarth

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Brienne is a character that does not have the same type of grace as some of the other women in Westeros. Instead, she is someone that prefers to let her honor and combat skills do the talking. As it were, she also happens to be beautiful, and this cosplayer found a good balance here.

14 Catelyn Stark

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As the mother of the Stark kids, Catelyn had a lot on her plate during the War of the Five Kings, and she showed the world what a strong woman looks like. Her ferocity and dedication need to be captured in any cosplay, and the cosplayer behind the outfit nailed it.

13 Shae

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The beautiful Shae was bound to be a popular cosplay pick, but many people would have avoided her given what she ultimately did to Tyrion in season 4. Nevertheless, this cosplayer was able to look past that and put together a cosplay fit to rival what fans got to see on the show.

12 Arya Stark

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Aside from one particular instance during the last season of the series, Arya Stark was not known for being someone that was looked at in a romantic light. Despite this, fans continued to cosplay as her at popular conventions, and her taking out the Night King ensures that this will continue to happen for years to come.

11 Myrcella Baratheon

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Mycella was not featured on the series as much as some of the other characters on this list, but her regal nature and her natural beauty clearly inspired people to cosplay as her at conventions. In this beautiful photo, the cosplayer was able to get the look and vibe of Myrcella down.

10 Daenerys Targaryen

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The Mother of Dragons has been an immensely popular character for years now, and there were even people out there naming their children after her as early as the first season. We may see less of her at conventions after what happened in the show’s final season, so we should appreciate fantastic cosplays like this one while we can.

9 Khal Drogo

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Every now and again, we will see females put a new take on popular male characters, and seeing a Khal look like this is something that no one was expecting. This cosplayer captured the fierceness of Drogo, and fans would have loved to have seen something like this on the series.

8 Margaery Tyrell

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Margaery Tyrell came onto the series like a flurry and quickly made a name for herself in King’s Landing thanks to her beauty and her regal nature. She was loved by all, including fans of the show and books alike. Margaery’s beauty and grace are a staple of hers, and this cosplay captures this perfectly.

7 Daenerys, Take Two

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Because she is such a popular character from the series, it would make sense to see tons of people dress up as Dany. Before her drastic turn in the final season, she was someone that served as an inspiration to all. This cosplay here shows Dany in a more subdued mood, even including her violet eyes from the books.

6 Jon Snow

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As the leading character on the series and the one that was chosen to take down the Night King (or so we thought), Jon Snow’s journey was a fun one to watch on the small screen. Seeing a feminine take on the character is interesting, especially considering how beautiful this cosplayer is.

5 Lyanna Stark

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Lyanna Stark was hardly on the series, but the events of her life gave way to a cascade of stories for Westeros. Some people have clearly placed a lot of value on Lyanna’s life, and they have looked to her for cosplay inspiration. This cosplayer’s Lyanna could not be better.

4 Melisandre

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The Red Woman, Melisandre, was one of the creepier characters on the series, but despite her dark nature, she was one of the most beautiful and powerful characters in Westeros as well. This Melisandre cosplay was able to capture the beauty of the character without any of the creepiness, which fans certainly appreciated.

3 Cersei Lannister

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Cersei was arguably the most powerful woman on the series, and she had a ton of beauty as well. Though she rubbed many people the wrong way, Cersei was arguably the best player in the game. Many women loved what she brought to the table, and her power and grace are evident in this photo.

2 Margaery Tyrell, Part Two

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Going back to the well one more time with Margaery, we just had to include this gorgeous cosplay here. While Margaery did sport several looks on the series, this one is her most popular, and it makes sense that many people choose to go with this outfit while attending a convention.

1 Ygritte

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Jon Snow doesn’t know a thing, and we have Ygritte to thank for pointing this out. She was a love interest of Jon's and a powerful woman that inspired people all over the world. Because of this, she became a popular cosplay choice, and this cosplayer was able to do all the little things right.

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