Urban Outfitters Gave This Woman More Than She Could Handle

One woman ordered a coat online from Urban Outfitters, but they ended up giving her more than she could handle.

Shopping online can be a little on the risky side. You have to be prepared your item might not be exactly what you thought it was when ordering. University of Manchester student Becky Latham ordered a puffer jacket from Urban Outfitters, you know, the classic and fabulous winter staple.

When ordering a puffer, everyone knows it will be a little bit puffy, hence the name. In Becky’s case there was a lot of puff. Her Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus Jacket literally looked nothing like the picture online. In fact, it was not even close. The puffer completely dwarfed the young woman and looked quite ridiculous on her. Seriously, it was as though it was five sizes to big.

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However, instead of getting angry and posting a hateful message to the company, Latham used humor to deal with the serious discrepancy.

“Thank you @UrbanOutfitters. It’s exactly like I imagined,” she tweeted.

As soon as she posted the message, which included a picture of her head sticking out of the oversized coat, social media exploded with hilarious comments.

“Just imagine all the snacks you could sneak into the movies under that jacket...” wrote Ben Gray.

“You look like the blueberry girl of Charlie and the chocolate factory,” tweeted Tasha Carter.

One user even posted an old school photo of George Costanza from Seinfeld wearing an overly large puffer jacket. This started a trend of users sending pictures of different objects Latham looked like while she was wearing the jacket. There are even some remarks about how she should attempt to grow a larger head and someone actually photoshopped a picture of her with a larger noggin.

The best reaction to Becky Latham getting more than she could handle when ordering a puffer coat from Urban Outfitters is a comparison to Kylo Ren.

Social media was definitely having a good laugh at the young woman’s misfortune, but so was she. Her way of dealing with not getting what she ordered was pure genius. Perhaps the rest of us should take a cue from her - she made lemonade out of lemons.

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