Urban Decay To Release A New Mini Palette

Rumors have been circulating that Urban Decay may be releasing a mini eyeshadow palette with matte and shimmer shades.

So, we’re normally not the ones to gossip and listen to rumors, but this piece of news is simply too juicy to keep to ourselves. From what we’ve heard through the shimmery grapevine of the world of beauty and makeup, none other than palette favorite Urban Decay is allegedly dropping a new eyeshadow palette.

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It may not be confirmed, but these types of sneaky previews tend to drum up quite the anticipation amongst us beauty junkies, and this rumored upcoming palette is no different. The Instagram account with the amazingly fitting name @swatchyswatchy, recently posted a photo showing a forearm with six swatches and an open eyeshadow palette. Fellow Instagram beauty account @trendmood1 was quick to repost, and the comment section was filling up fast with excited makeup lovers. One person commented saying the palette is to be available exclusively at Ulta, but it is not known how reliable that source is.

From what we’ve gathered from our friends at Allure, the palette is to be called "Aphrodisiac," and what a fitting name for such a luscious array of eyeshadows! The photo shows a perfect mix of lovely mattes and gorgeous shimmers, all kind of within the rose gold family.

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It’s safe to say that this six-color palette would be a new go-to eyeshadow palette for many. From matte beige and peachy brown to shimmery fuchsia and metallic golden bronze, just imagine all the stunning looks beauty buffs can create with these lovely shades. This palette also will not take up much space in a makeup bag for those who intend on traveling and need a go-to group of colors.

via: herbeauty.co

As much as we are hoping for these rumors to be true, Urban Decay is yet to confirm the palette to be theirs or when it is to be released. What we do know, however, is that we need some Aphrodisiac (talking about the palette obviously) in our lives. We can only hope that our trusted eyeshadow magicians at Urban Decay will provide us with some more information and ideally this particular palette ASAP!

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