Upside-Down Denim Shorts Are Available For $385

Fashion aficionados, get ready to catch some denim fever this summer. Upside-down shorts are the newest and hottest denim trend that is creating Instagram buzz.

At a first glance, they look like a sartorial hybrid of classic denim wear and high fashion. They're definitely like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and at $385, these upside-down denim shorts don’t come cheap. But they are definitely a fashion statement that will set an Instagram page on fire. And believe us, people are buying them!

The shorts were created by CIE Denim, and they have actually created an entire upside-down denim line. The pieces (ranging from shorts to long pants) have been given Stranger Things-inspired names, such as Mike, Nancy, Will, El, and Lucas. Anyone who watches the show will know that the "The Upside Down" is a scary alternate dimension where terrifying creatures live. And, apparently, it is also where this denim trend came from.

@kidiament in the “El” upside down shorts

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So why are these pieces so expensive? As the company’s creative director, Kelcie Schofield told Insider, their upside-down jeans are made exclusively in New York City by hand-selected vintage denim. The quirky design is meant to put a modern twist on the classic denim jean that everybody loves. Moreover, their vintage quality is all pro-sustainability (please tell me, what better excuse to splurge?).

If I am completely honest, when I found out about upside-down denim, I had a small "WHY?!" moment, followed by a major light-bulb breakthrough. Why didn’t anybody think about this before? They honestly look quite cool and unique.

And for those wondering, no, the pockets are not upside down too. They are perfectly functional, and you can still slip your phone and spare change in them.

Is this trend going to spread? Who knows! At the moment CIE Denim has a monopoly on the upside-down denim market, so we can see why their prices are so high. But unless other retailers pick up their cool vibes and create more affordable versions, we might not see upside-denim becoming everyone’s favorite item in the closet.

Although that might be a good thing if you come to think of it. At least, if you decide to purchase a pair, you know that not everyone will be rolling up in your uniquely selected style. As for me, I’d love to try them on and see how they actually look on.

So what do you think? Would you pick up a pair of these shorts or jeans? Let us know in the comments!


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