The Keto Diet Just Got A Whole Lot More Complicated (Here's Why)

You may have heard of a new diet, it's called ketogenic or keto for short and is a low carb,  high-fat diet. It's currently picking up some speed in the world as it is said to have numerous health benefits.

Now, there are a few variations to this type of diet. According to Healthline, there is a standard variation, but there is also the cyclical ketogenic diet as well as the targeted and high-protein ones. Now, the standard one is apparently low carb and has high protein and fat. The cyclical option is interesting as it operates on a system of days. For example, you'd go on five keto days and then two that are high carb. As for the targeted, well, it allows for carbs but only around workouts and the last choice is similar to the first one but allows for more protein.

It must be noted that both the targeted and cyclical ones are most often used by bodybuilders or athletes. This means that it's probably not the best choice if you're a person who's rather sedentary.

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According to the Vancouver Sun, the diet was originally used in the 1920s to help children who had seizures. Technically, it can still be used for that but it also has the ability to help people lose weight. Other than losing weight, according to  UBC Okanagan Prof. Jonathan Little, who studies the relationship between human metabolism and diabetes, “The main ketone that circulates is beta-hydroxybutyrate, which has been shown to have potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant signaling roles." What this means is that there's a chance the human cells could be told to " be less inflamed and produce less reactive oxygen species."

That doesn't mean the diet is without its own issues or outright controversy. In short, keto has basically got a shopping list of benefits, not all of which can be proven. This is why, it's sometimes recommended that this is done under the supervision of a professional dietitian or other individual working in the industry, who's familiar with the diet. On top of that, pretty much everyone is going to see weight loss when starting a new diet, you're completely changing your habits.

The only way to determine if it really does help you lose weight over a long period of time is to try it in periods. This means that an individual will need to try it over a long period of time to determine if the weight loss is the best benefit from it.

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