19 Unusual Ways Angelina Jolie Raises Her Horde Of Children

Angelina Jolie doesn’t exactly lead a “normal” life, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her children are raised just a tad bit differently than the average child. Aside from the obvious fact that she’s an internationally known celebrity, she is also known to be quirky and unique in her approach to life. All her children were adopted then suddenly brought into a world where their every move is captured by the paparazzi and fans line up for miles just to catch a glimpse of them.

Brad Pitt remains an active part of the children’s lives, and as a result of his schedule combined with Angelina’s, the children are often traveling and following in the busy lives of their parents. Much of this lends to a less-than-traditional upbringing. Let’s take a look at 20 Unusual Ways Angelina Jolie Raises Her Horde Of Children….

19 No School

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Angelina’s brood of children do not know anything about conventional schooling. Her children are homeschooled and are educated while on the road, never having to commit to the restraints of school hours. While this in itself is not strange, it’s interesting to note that the curriculum for each child is based on their interests, rather than a stringent, streamlined educational approach.

18 No Bedtime

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It’s fair to say that most families implement a bedtime because children need to be well rested for their school routines, and because parents need a break. Since neither of these points affect Angelina Jolie, bedtime structure does not exist for her children. It’s been reported that her children have been running around and chasing one another at all hours of the night.

17 No Friends

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It has been reported that Angelina’s children do not have friends outside of the regular acquaintances and family they keep. It makes sense since they never really live in one place for an extended period of time, nor do they attend school. Being the high profile children of Angelina Jolie can be very stifling and restricting.

16 Lockdown Days

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Angelina has been reported to insist on implementing “lockdown days” for her family. During these times, she keeps them all home and insists that they all spend time with one another, as though they were locked down on the property. This is her way of keeping them away from cameras and the media. It may sound restricting, but let’s keep in mind that she lives on a massive estate property with rolling grounds and every imaginable amenity located on-site.

15 No Visible Anger Allowed

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Angelina grew up in a household with a lot of yelling between her parents. She has since decided that she won’t allow her life to be conducted in that manner. The adults that surround the children are under strict orders not to conduct themselves inappropriately in front of the children. Nobody is permitted to fight or argue in her home. The Richest reports that she does not like her children to see adults upset in any way.

14 No Internet Restrictions

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Angelina does not believe in putting restrictions on the time her children spend online. Whether it pertains to time on their phones, iPads, or computers, the children are free to take in as much screen time as they wish for. Reports show she has made sure that the proper blockers are in place to ensure they are surfing the internet safely, but the actual time they spend surfing seems to be a free-for-all.

13 No Alcohol

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We’re sure this has something to do with some more personal issues, but regardless of what ultimately triggered this rule, the fact remains that alcohol is not permitted to enter Angelina’s residence by any means whatsoever. The children are raised in a completely alcohol-free and dry environment at all times.

12 Sleepovers Forbidden

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Some of the best nights in a kid’s childhood are the ones spent with their friends, at sleepovers and special events. While Angelina has provided a life of considerable luxury for her children, it has also proven to be restricting in several ways. One of those ways is the paranoia about who stays in their home. Apparently, nobody does. None of the children are allowed to go for sleepovers at anyone’s house, and no other children are permitted to stay over at theirs.

11 Eat Anytime

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By now, it has become clear that routines and schedules are not embraced by Angelina Jolie and are therefore not imposed on her children. Nannies have reported to the media that the children are allowed to eat whatever they want to, whenever they want to eat it. There is always a chef on-hand that is able to take care of the endless food and beverage demands of the children.

10 Learn One Another’s Languages

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Angelina has adopted her children from various parts of the world and encourages them to stay true to their roots. She encourages them to not only learn their native languages and stay informed of their cultures, but to also learn the languages spoken by their siblings and immerse themselves in the traditions that they practice as well.

9 They Travel With Her

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Angelina is one of the most active parents in Hollywood. She clearly has a true connection to her children and wants to be near them as often as possible. Anytime Angelina travels, she takes her children along for the adventure, and they’re able to stay together as a family the majority of the time.

8 No Homework

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Angelina doesn’t believe in homework and assignments being given to her children. She believes that there is a time for learning and that all the learning should take place within that specified time frame. She encourages her children to develop their personal tastes and interests during their non-educational time, rather than engaging in homework and task-based deadlines.

7 No Tests

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One of the biggest advantages to being homeschooled is never having to deal with mandatory testing. Angelina has made sure of that. Her children not only have the ability to dodge the homework bullet, but according to BabyGaga, she has also made sure that tests are never administered. Her children have never undergone any form of educational testing while under her care.

6 One Nanny Per Child

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According to the Daily Mail, an aboriginal art teacher was hired to come in and teach aboriginal art to the Joie children. While there, she reported to the Daily Mail that she observed one nanny per child, each one dedicated to providing encouragement and care for that specific child alone.

5 Participate In Humanitarian Work

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Angelina is known to be actively involved in numerous humanitarian efforts. While many celebrities participate in helping the less privileged by way of donating their money, Angelina takes a much more hands-on approach to aid the less fortunate. An article published in IB Times tells about her dedication to ensure they are not raised as spoiled kids, but rather, as grateful and giving children who actively participate in giving back to those in need.

4 Zero Routines

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E!News reports that Angelina takes a very casual approach when it comes to parenting. She would prefer to befriend her children then be a figure that they are taught to fear. She implements very few routines or regulations, believing instead that freedom of expression and self-discovery are more valuable to her children. There are no routines in her household that the children are instructed to follow.

3 Unconventional Toys

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Angelina is clearly promoting a very worldly lifestyle for her children, and there isn’t much that is considered out-of-bounds, or off-limits. They are encouraged to play with unconventional toys, and not necessarily ones that are deemed age-appropriate by today’s North American standards. Immersing themselves into different cultures while they travel leads to some unconventional toy choices.

2 Relaxed Lifestyle

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TMZ reports on Angelina’s lax attitude about parenting and in an interview with Brad, he told them that she lets the children “run around from morning until night” and that he believed in a more formal, structured approach to parenting. Angelina’s approach has been one of a very free, relaxed lifestyle. While her children are still educated and present themselves appropriately in social environments, it’s clear that she intends to shield them from the stresses of life by affording them a different approach to it altogether.

1 Encourages Free Spirits

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Angelina believes that her children should chase their dreams, and she encourages them to do so. She takes the interests of each child into account and raises them to believe that anything is possible, without limitation. Her free-spirited attitude means the children are never obligated to sit down and learn new skills if they opt not to. Instead, they are encouraged to pursue their personal areas of interest.

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