Universal Standard's Latest Release Is Ultra Size Inclusive

Universal Standard, a size-inclusive New York-based clothing brand that began in 2015, will soon be launching a new basics line ranging from sizes 00-40, called Foundation. The brand announced the new line with a single image on social media this week. Soon after, the image—and Universal Standard itself—went viral.

The post, which debuted on Monday, featured activist and model La'Shaunae Steward posing sideways in a white tank top, underwear, and socks. “ALL OF US. AS WE ARE. FOUNDATION. SIZES 00-40. COMING SOON,” the caption boasted.

According to Universal Standard’s website, the collection will feature seven “supremely” soft layering basics. At this time, there are no details about the specific items included in the collection, but we can guess that there may be tanks, tees, leggings, socks, undies, and perhaps some basic dresses. Join their waitlist and be the first to hear news about the Foundation line!

Universal Standard’s Instagram post received a ton of positive feedback for the new line. Commenters who have never heard of the brand before said that they’ll be checking it out. “Thank you so much for showing and making garments for all types of bodies!” wrote one user.

According to Cosmopolitan, the photo even inspired Steward herself. She shared the photo on her own Instagram and added a heartfelt caption about how this shoot changed the way she sees her own body. “This angle shows everything i fought being insecure about and shows every part of me that people told me would have to be smaller in order to be accepted,” she said in the post.

Steward is a 22-year-old who gained a mass Instagram following last summer after a troll unfortunately made a fat-shaming meme out of one of her photos. Within a few weeks of the meme going viral, the model gained 56,000 followers, most of whom were young women inspired by Steward’s fashion sense and confidence in posting selfies despite the trolls.

Two friends, Polina and Alex, created Universal Standard in 2015 after realizing that, as a size 20 woman, Alex struggled to find stores that carried her size. Those that did carry her size only offered a very small selection. Universal Standard’s first eight-piece collection sold out in six days. Since then, Polina and Alex have made it their goal to give women freedom in fashion, no matter their size. They now carry full lines of streetwear, loungewear, activewear, and accessories from petite sizes to plus sizes. Their foundation line will be the first to include all sizes for every piece.

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