20 Unflattering Facts About The Cash Me Outside Girl

Whether you know her as Danielle Bregoli, Bhad Bhabie, the "Catch me outside, how about that?" girl, or just that stubborn, rude teenager who went on Dr. Phil and caused one heck of a ruckus, the fact of the matter is that you probably know her in one way or another.

After appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016, her attitude and obscure catchphrase propelled her into fame. Since then, she's tried every trick in the book in order to capitalize on that short-lived fame, even kicking off her own rap career.

We know that she's got a troubled past, however, some of the things you're about to find out might still come as a surprise.

20 In 2016, The Cops Rocked Up To Her House 51 Times

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Yes, you read that correctly - 51 times! That's almost once a week, which is a terrible thing to become part of a routine. Most of the calls were for domestic disputes, some were for verbal threats, a handful were because Danielle ran away, and there were even outliers like stolen cars and fraud.

19 She Smacked Someone On A Plane, Getting Kicked Off

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While on board a Spirit Airlines flight, one woman found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, apparently taking too long to put her luggage in the overhead. Danielle's response? Punch her in the face. Worst of all, this incident went down when she was barely old enough to go to high school – at the tender age of 13. Clearly, she wouldn't have been the teacher's pet.

18 Bhabie Framed Her Mom

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If we can rewind back to one of the first things Danielle admitted to Dr. Phil, you'll remember that she decided to frame her mother and call the police. The young mischief-maker took a bag of sugar and disguised it as some illegal substance, before calling the cops and attempting to report something she'd 'found.'

17 She Had No Idea Who David Spade Was

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You'd assume that someone who's made a name for herself in the entertainment world (regardless of the reasons) would be familiar with the bigger personalities in the industry. Well, apparently not. Back in 2017, David Spade ran into Bhad Bhabie at a restaurant and decided to snap a photo. The only problem was that she thought he was the waiter.

16 Jordan Wouldn't Let Her In

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It takes a whole lot of effort to infuriate an entire country – well, we thought it did until Bhad Bhabie managed to get herself banned with a simple Twitter exchange. Danielle was supposed to have a concert in Jordan, however, after responding with an ignorant Tweet that showed she didn't know what she was replying to, heads quickly turned.

15 She Has A Rap Sheet (No, Not The Music Kind)

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It's not exactly a secret that Danielle has seen more than her fair share of questionable, often illegal activity. What we don't know, however, are all the consequences that she's been dealt. As told by TV Overmind, "In July 2017, Bergoli was given five years probation for her criminal activity."

14 She Ripped Off The Champion Brand

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Look, Bhad Bhabie, if you're gonna go out and create a catchphrase that's borderline gibberish, you could at least keep your brand in line with the originality of that gibberish. Apparently that wasn't the case, as the only logo she could come up with for the 'CashMeOusside' slogan was a direct copy of Champion.

13 She Had A Massive Feud With 6ix9ine

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Face it, you're not at all surprised that Danielle has generated some toxic relationships with people in her community – and this isn't the first one we'll see, either. She overtly stated, in response to a question about her thoughts on the rainbow-haired rapper, "I like his music, I don't like him as a person."

12 She Spent $40,000 On New Teeth

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If you had a spare 40k around, surely you'd put it in the bank or invest in some sort of savings plan, right? Well, for Danielle Bregoli, that was the last thing on her mind. According to TMZ, she forked out for porcelain veneers to fix an issue that could have been solved by braces for a fraction of the price.

11 She Threw Plenty Of Subtle Shade At Chanel West Coast

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If you're not totally familiar with the name Chanel West Coast, she is a personality on MTV's show, Ridiculousness. Whether deliberately or by accident, Chanel started a feud with the Cash Me Ousside Girl by labelling her as an "ignorant fool" (per TMZ). While you'd expect Bregoli to come back like a house on fire, she didn't even know who Chanel was.

10 Her Relationship With Lil Tay Is A Bitter One

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Another day, another Bhad Bhabie rival. Are you surprised? Of course not. As it turns out, Tay, who herself became an entertainment star out of luck (read: bad behavior), is actually good friends with Woah Vicky, one of Bhad Bhabie's least favorite people. Therefore, through association, this pair does NOT mix.

9 She's Cracked Down On Soulja Boy

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In yet another instance that would make Dr. Phil and Danielle Bregoli's mum facepalm with a combination of embarrassment, disappointment, and confusion, Danielle decided – apparently, without any reason – to go ahead and diss Soulja Boy. She dropped an f-bomb, to which the rapper laughed off, calling her 'ugly'.

8 She's Got Her Own TV Show Now

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What has our world come to? After she skyrocketed into fame, Danielle has been allegedly approached by a number of companies claiming to want to make a reality TV show, which would star her, her mother, and all of their biffs and baffs. One thing's for sure, it wouldn't make for dull viewing.

7 She Purchased Her Own Billboard Cover

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While most rappers fight tooth and nail to get their faces on the covers of Billboard, our very own Bhad Bhabie decided to skip the elbow grease process and simply fork out a fat stack of cash for it instead. As told by TMZ, she placed an ad next to Lil Wayne's Billboard cover so it would look, at first glance, as though she was on the cover.

6 Her Father's A Cop

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In an almost ironic twist of fate, it turns out that Danielle's father, a man by the name of Ira Peskowitz, is actually a deputy in the Palm Beach County PD. With a number of family conflicts over the years, to say that he and Danielle's mother had a topsy-turvy relationship is an understatement.

5 Mom Filed A Lawsuit When Someone Used That Annoying Catchphrase

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In case you've been living under a rock, the famous catchphrase we're talking about is, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” As soon as Danielle uttered those words (are they even words?), mom started noticing the slogan slapped on billboards and merchandise everywhere – so, she decided to sue three companies.

4 She Exposed Trippie Redd's Texts

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In this photo, rapper Trippie Redd and Bregoli might share the same bright red hair color, but there might be a little more that they've shared over the journey, if you catch our drift. She published DMs that she received from Trippie, even admitting that there was a kiss when interviewed by DJ Akademiks.

3 She Has Way Too Many Names

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Granted, this fact might not be as confronting or distasteful as some of the others, however, it does go to show something about her personality -–she's all over the place. Among her long list of nicknames, we've got Slim Bhabie, Slim Thugga, Cash Me Outside, Cash Me Ousside Girl, and, of course, Bhadbhabie.

2 She Charges 5 Figures For A 'Hello'

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If we wanted Celene Dion to sing at our birthday party or Leonardo DiCaprio to be our guest of honor at a family dinner party, then maybe, just maybe, we'd fork out a few thousand dollars. Still, $30,000 is a bit of a stretch, yet that's what Danielle is charging anyone who wants a meet and greet with her (per TMZ).

1 She's Been Trying To Fight Kylie Jenner

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If there's one particular young woman that you don't want to mess with, it's Kylie Jenner. When Danielle was interviewed on The Cruz Show, she came out and said directly that she didn't like Kylie, thinking that she was going about her business just to seek attention from the masses.

Sources: Elite Daily, EW, Variety, Tube Filter

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