Under $10: 25 Gifts That Can Make Anyone Smile This Christmas

There are many holidays that are beloved by people all over the world. But truly, none more so than Christmas! There's just something magical about waking up that day and padding downstairs to find shiny-paper-wrapped gifts lying under the tree.

And no, it's not just kids that enjoy the magical spirit of Christmas. Adults just need to have a cheerful heart and a warm home full of loving people who love to eat and drink and be merry just as much as they do, and the holiday can keep its magic.

Frankly, December 25th can't come fast enough. *Sigh *

But Christmas can also be a stressful time for many. Especially the weeks preceding it when the world is still in shopping frenzy for gifts. After all, not everyone has a million dollars in their bank that they can splurge to their heart's content.

So if this year's Christmas shopping will muck up the finances badly once again, there's good news! Here are 25 gifts that cost less than $10, which will put a big smile on pretty much anyone's face.

After all, thoughtfulness always wins more brownie points than the price tag on a gift. At least, with those who understand what Christmas is all about!

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25 Sweet Macaron Lip Balms: Strawberry, Marshmallow, Coconut, And Vanilla


Surprise your girlfriends and teenage nieces this year with this super cute box pack of Sweet Macaron lip balms from Forever 21. And watch as they squeal over the pretty packaging, the delicious scents, and the yummy names!

But don't worry if the set is sold out.

Forever 21 has a lot more cool and dandy lip products that would make awesome, smile-worthy Christmas gifts.

Like their Burger and Fries Lip Gloss Set, that's just $6.90. Or, our personal favorite, the Gelato Flavored Lip Gloss Set that is so cute that we can't even!

24 George & Viv Gifting Bar Soap: Festive Scents With A Touch Of Whimsy


Let your inner 'ho, ho, ho!' come to life with these delightful bar soaps from George & Viv that come prepackaged in festive wrappers. #lazySanta

And here's the best part. There are eight unique variants of these $10 soap bars, each featuring a different wrapper and a scent. So you can get one of each and call it a day!

Want a sneak peek? Our personal favorite is the Gingerbread Man bar, which smells like a blend of home-baked gingerbread and pumpkin pie with cinnamon and spice sprinkled on top!

23 Pusheen Sleep Mask: Sweet, Adorable Dreams!


Surprise your favorite female friend with this adorable and fluffy sleep mask, featuring the world's favorite sticker cat–Pusheen. And the best part is it costs just $6.80! So need to break your bank this Christmas.

And it doesn't have to be a Pusheen mask if you can't find one.

The idea is to gift them a good night's sleep, where they will be smiling all the way to bed. So any quirky, cute (and fluffy!) sleep mask would do.

22 A Pair Of Fluffy Slippers


Fluffy seems to be the theme for this year's Christmas presents. And why not? Faux fur is soft to touch and makes us feel like we are cuddling a warm kitty!

Thus, these pair of fluffy unicorn slippers.

Trust us, any girl who gets these will beam a thousand-watt smile at you and immediately put them on. Cause what's better than warm feet snuggled inside a furry slipper when it's freezing outside? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

21 Patchology Wink & A Kiss Flashpatch Hydrogels: Perfect That Pout And Depuff Those Tired Eyes


Gift someone a home spa treatment this year with this thoughtful pack of Patchology's Wink & A Kiss Flashpatch Hydrogels.

Even better if the person has never tried Patchology before because it always feels good to try new beauty products when you haven't paid for them (okay, maybe that's just me)!

And if you are worried they will be offended, just stick a cheeky note on top that says – "Here's your chance to get that Kylie J pout without bursting your capillaries. Enjoy!"

20 Ban.do Compliment Pencil Set: Pick-Me-Ups For When She's Feeling Low


I don't know if you are getting these for your sister or your BFF, but I am forwarding this list to my boo right now. Because are you kidding me? Heck yeah, I want my stationery to tell me that I am the awesomest person on this planet! #youmakeitrainrainbows

Well done, Ban.do, well done. Cause we all could use some cheerful pick-me-ups right about now.

In fact, if you are too strapped for cash, we suggest breaking out this set and gifting every woman in your life one pencil each with a packet of homemade cookies.

19 Enamel Pins: Name One Person Who Does Not Like Them


Seriously. Name one. I bet you can't. Cause what's not to like about enamel pins? Especially when they fit your special someone oh-so-well.

They are cute, funny, and look expensive even though they are super cheap.

Plus, they are the perfect accessories for blinging up our backpacks and sometimes even our outfits.

Just remember: enamel pins earn you +1 cool cred if done right. So the quirkier the pin, the better it is! And that includes those with funny quotes and pop culture references.

18 Quirky Planters: A Breath Of Fresh Air


Here's a bomb idea that will put a smile on your mom's face or that friend who is a big health freak. Buy them a quirky planter and a packet of seeds this Christmas.

If they grow the plant, you have just gifted them a pollution free space on their desk. If not, at least the planter would double as a quirky pen stand.

Want to go an extra mile now that you are running short on change? Start growing the plant in the planter and introduce them to their new friend Bob on Christmas Day. #PlantBob

17 Mug Cozy: Doesn't Have To Be Unicorn Though


Coffee addicts unite! Now's your chance to gift your friend something they can use every day–a cute mug cozy to keep their fingers safe and their cuppas non-slippery.

And while we absolutely love this unicorn cozy (rainbow lover unite!), you can get pretty much any pattern as long as it guarantees a smile on their face. Hint: know thy friend!

Want an idea that would make this gift even better? Cut up a piece of thick paper in the shape of a coffee mug and then write a cheeky coffee song on it (hello, internet).

16 Savannah Bee Co. Bath And Body Set: The Pamper Package!


Gift them a winter-worthy pamper package this Christmas in the form of a Savannah Bee Co. Bath and Body Set. Because what's better than a solid lip balm and a nourishing moisturizer when the air is out to bite you?

Plus, the packaging would remind them to be hopeful because it will not always be winter. And that before they know it, spring flowers will burst out of the snow once again.

It's the perfect gift for those struck by the winter blues.

15 A... Mug: Because, Why Not?


Well, to be honest, there's nothing creative about a mug. We get hundreds of them throughout the year. And most of them are so tragic, we either repackage and give them away to our least favorite cousins or drop them off at our local charity shops immediately.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can always choose to buy one that makes them burst out in laughter.

Or, one that transports them back to their childhood days. Or even one that unleashes their imagination and gives it wings.

14 Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls: Now Smile While Doing The Laundry


The usefulness of a dryer ball is debatable. But no one can deny that it's fun to play with them as you wait for the wash cycle to finish up.

Well, now you can make your friend smile too as they do their laundry with these super cute hedgehog dryer balls from Kikkerland that cost just $8.70. Aren't they just adorable?

In fact, why just hedgehogs? Kikkerland has many more animal-shaped dryer balls to choose from. And also other quirky products, like a pack of cute woodland creatures bag clips that cost just $3.99.

13 Blank Notebook: For The Doodlers And Writers


Being a writer, I can testify that nothing makes me happier than stationery as gifts. Especially blank notebooks with amazing covers, which I can fill up with my endless thoughts and doodles.

Just remember: artists and writers are finicky about paper quality and journal covers.

So if you are planning to gift someone a notebook, buy one with good-quality GSM sheets and a simple linen or leather cover.

Trust me, if it ain't visually pleasing and great to touch, your gift would be forever relegated to a forgotten box.

12 Mobile Cord Protectors: Be Prepared For Awwws!


Let's face it, our phone cords could use some upgrades in cord quality. But until that day, it's best to use cord buddies to prevent accidental breakages and tears.

So if you are strapped for cash, get a pack of cord protectors and distribute them to the younger members of your family this Christmas. Just make sure to get the cool ones that make them say, "Oh, snap! This is awesome!"

Hint: superheroes are always a safe bet these days. And '90s cartoon show ones for the older millennials.

11 First Aid Beauty Clean Canyon: Cleanser And Cream Duo Pack


First Aid Beauty's Clean Canyon Duo Pack is a boon for all ladies at just $10. It's the ultimate hydration pack.

And now, the ultimate Christmas present for your BFF or your sister.

The pack contains one tube of Pure Skin Face Cleanser that gently removes grime and makeup from your face, and one tube of their cult favorite Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream that returns moisture to your parched skin without leaving a greasy residue.

So rest assured, spending $10 on this product will be a big hit when your special someone finally opens their present this Christmas.

10 A Set Of Scented Candles Or Tealights: If The Former Is Too Expensive


Don't get them a large candle that can double as a brick and a thief repeller. Those either remain static in a forgotten corner of our house or turn into ghastly wax monsters once used.

Instead, buy a set of tiny tealights or scented candles and surprise your friend with their warm vanilla scent when they rip open the paper package. People love using those for in-house romantic dates and some light reading before bedtime.

Tip: Buy only white because the colored ones are not always very vibrant.

9 Embroidered Patch: Their New Backpack Buddy


There are two kinds of patches. Those that elicit an 'ugghh' reaction, and those that elicit a 'wow.'

And if you are planning to buy someone an embroidered patch this Christmas, make sure yours land in the second category.

How do you do this? Just know your friend well if you are planning to buy a pop culture patch. Or, choose one that's evergreen, like the one in the picture above. They won't be able to stop smiling, trust us.

8 Primark Beauty Unicorn Makeup Brush Set: For Those Who Like Rainbows And Stardust


Primark Beauty's original Unicorn Makeup Brush set was a massive hit. After all, everyone wants a box of rainbows on their makeup stand.

But if you can't afford the original set that costs $50, don't worry. They have a smaller 4-brush version that will make you just $10 lighter.

We recommend gifting it to older teenage girls who are just getting into makeup or your BFFs because everybody loves unicorns (well, everybody that's anybody, anyway).

7 Porcelain Tealight Holder: With A Romantic Suggestion Inside


A pretty tealight holder may not bring out a thousand-watt smile. Especially if there's not a gorgeous candle in it.

But you can up your chances of receiver happiness by adding a sweet note inside with a romantic suggestion for them to try someday with their boo.

Sounds like a plan? Awesome!

Alternatively, you could gift them a small bottle of aromatic essential oil for some spa therapy at home, or maybe even some wax melts in place of candles.

6 Bath Bombs With Fizzy Surprises


Make them eager to take a bath again this winter with bath bombs that hint at fizzy surprises.

It's true that they might not appreciate the gift as much on Christmas day when surrounded by better gift-giving friends and family, but they will remember you fondly when they drop the bomb into their bath water after a few days. How can they not when the luxurious water laps against their skin and fills them up with the scent of warm sunshine?

5 A Boom Bowl: Harness The Simple Laws Of Physics


A boom bowl is a simple device. It harnesses the laws of simple acoustics to amplify the sound emitted by your phone's teeny speakers. That's why it requires no batteries or charging cables to operate.

Its beauty lies in its simplicity. And its minimal cost. Which is why it makes for a great low-budget Christmas present.

Plus, you can carry it inside the bathroom without fear of electrocution via shower water or your phone dropping onto the floor.

4 Boohoo Annabel Mixed Ring Set: Anytime, Anywhere


The simplest presents often make the best ones. Like this set of mixed rings where some fit all the way to the knuckle while others rest daintily anywhere along your finger bone.

And at under $5, this is a great budget gift for one of your girlfriends or a younger female member of your family.

We recommend taking the rings out of the cheap plastic and putting them all inside a small gift box before wrapping them with brown paper and tying a bow on top with colored string.

3 Refrigerator Magnets: Only The Quirky And Cute Ones


Gifting them fridge magnets will not earn you any brownie points. But you can redeem your lack of funds for a proper gift by gifting them a few laughs along the way. Thus, these quirky and cute ones.

Trust us, if you look hard enough, you will find a set that will make your most rad cousin proud.

And don't forget to leave a note inside the present that says these magnets are best for leaving messages to each other on the door of your trusty refrigerator. Like "Don't eat my chocolate cake!" or "You are my cutie pie."

2 Kate Aspen Chalkboard Coasters: Sip And Scribble


Kate Aspen is making coasters cool again with this new spin on the traditional precautionary measure for table stains. And it involves a healthy dose of chalkboard paint and a set of old-school chalks.

Remember how you used to shoot at the front benchers when the teacher was not looking? Or that one kid in your school who used to eat them? They might remember similar stories when you give them this inexpensive but retro cool gift on Christmas.

1 Selfie Ring Light For The Selfie Addict


We saved the best one for the last. Because let's face it, selfies have taken over the world and chances are big that you know at least five people (if not more) who love taking selfies every day.

Thus, this selfie ring light that you can easily clip over your front camera and then smile away in glory without a care about the ambient light in your room.

Because you won't need it anymore!

Trust us, out of all the gifts on this list, this one will be used the most by the person you give it to. #agiftthatkeepsongiving

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